5 Ways Artificial Intelligence can Boost Digital Marketing

Some people call it artificial intelligence, but the reality is this technology will enhance us. So instead of artificial intelligence, I think we’ll augment our intelligence.-Ginni Rometty

Artificial intelligence, popularly known as AI, is the recreation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. We can also call it machine intelligence.

To be practical, we live in a digital era where if a marketer doesn’t use artificial intelligence in his/her marketing strategies along with the targeted resources he/she includes for better outreach, one can consider that he is lagging behind in business.

And why would I say that? Well, let’s focus on the important features of AI given below, and I’m pretty sure after reading this you will say, “Seems like you hit the nail on head!”

  • Text/Speech recognition
  • Recommendations of engines
  • Adaptability
  • Forecasting marketing
  • Solves your problem
  • Content generation
  • Customer segmentation

There are burgeoning opportunities for AI in advertising and marketing. In this article, we aim to serve some kind of an executive primer for marketing and advertising using artificial intelligence and is broken into 2 different sections.

  1. Artificial Intelligence application in marketing as well as advertising
  2. Burgeoning future of AI applications in advertising and marketing.

We’ll begin elaborating now.

  1. Artificial Intelligence application in marketing as well as advertising

We have listed a few extremely predominant application examples below, of course, suited for marketing and advertising both-

        • Search & Analysis: Earlier if you had to search a specific target audience to pitch your product, you were unlikely to find any results as easily as you had in your mind unless you had some solid data with you and they wouldn’t be available be large volumes too. Even if they were, computing them must have been tough or impossible.

          Guess what?

          Today’s search is so much more convenient and improved because of AI abled software and tools that can not only accumulate humongous customer data but, will help you to segregate and articulate relevant pitches as well.

          Years ago, if you had wished to segment and analyse your prospects and customers in real-time and in large quantities, it wouldn’t have been attainable; Today, believe me, it sure does.

          AI integrated tools like Elastic have gained mainstream and has helped small e-commerce stores to have solutions that go past simply matching words.

        • Recommendation of Solutions: The technology which is effective and prompt enough to get by the customers and appeal them is possible through machine learning — the recommended options by AI backed tools for your marketing plans like Concured, Crayon, Acquisio Turing, Bloomreach, Under Armour, is commendable. Like, take a situation where you have a good set of geo-targeted database of your customers which can be made more substantial by sending in intuitive email pitches possible with AI analysis.

          These are a rarity in the marketing world and all thanks to artificial intelligence for this amazing technique.

        • Programmatic advertising: Programmatic advertising is nothing but the automated process of buying and selling ad inventory through the cloud-based exchange. AI technologies carry algorithms which analyses a visitor’s behaviour and allows for real-time campaign optimization. A classic example would be SEM advertising modes like PPC Ads across the internet and the various websites present within

          These are a rarity in the marketing world and all thanks to artificial intelligence for this amazing technique.

        • Forecasting market: Forecasting in a B2B market is the insight from marketing data which is one of the best set of business-related data, whose capabilities can be enhanced by artificial intelligence
        • Speech recognition/text recognition: I believe it’s safe to say that a wave of legitimate, viable speech and text recognition abilities have crossed over into the marketing world as well. Voice search is gaining momentum in the B2B market significantly.
          • Google Voice Search
          • Amazon Echo
        • Burgeoning future of artificial intelligence applications in advertising and marketing

There are indeed a number of possible evolution and acceptance of artificial intelligence in advertising and marketing. We have listed out the possibilities that are exciting and feasible in the coming years for AI technology.

        • Image selection: probably in the near future the ability of content and sentiment analysis by AI-driven to give you images resonating with your target audiences will be intensively used
        • In-depth data analysis: Learning the user behaviour, optimising various campaigns and website interactions for better conversions through machine learning is the future
        • Content Generation: Yes, machines can write articles for you- yeah, you can expect that and more. Reputed companies have found ways to turn a portion of information into human- readable articles. You can also expect product descriptions and other articles composed entirely by machines. However, your instincts and wisdom will always play a crucial role

Artificial intelligence is reshaping the era of digital marketing. AI has come a long way since it’s inception, and it continues to intensify. In present days consumers have high expectations for a personalised experience and AI technology has enabled marketers to focus on the specific needs of their customers.

Since it is drastically developing, Artificial intelligence should be the top priority investment for marketers and companies that wish to succeed in the present competitive market while keeping their analysing abilities on point.

Author: Tim Liden

At the age of 16, Tim's father advised him that he could be anything he wanted to be in his life only if he is willing to work hard for it; this changed his perception completely. With a natural flair for writing, Tim has cemented his place in the marketing industry with his deep insight into the subject matter. On weekends, he can be heard playing the flute or cooking his favorite meals.

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