Lead Generation Strategies Are Bound to Work in 2019

Lead generation is a concept that is integral to all businesses, regardless of the industry. Companies have used this strategy for a long time.

In the earlier days, when the world was far from the internet, businesses had to develop a rapport with their customers. They had to influence them to buy the product/service, generating more revenue in the process. This is defined as the process of lead generation.

According to the modern business dictionary, lead generation is the process of identifying and cultivating potential customers for businesses.

With the inception of internet, generating quality leads is easier. Building real relationships in the modern business landscape is more efficient as compared to that used years back. While strategies like buyers persona give a vivid description of the target audience, channels such as social media, email, and blogs allow building a connection with the same.

It is essential to generate leads because that is what drives traffic to your website. The advent in technology has made it easier to connect with your customers.

The standard rule of any business which wants to grow and expand its footprint in the market would be to expose itself to large sets of customers first. Once completed, the next step is to try to bring them to buy your product/service.

You may argue that this concept is as old as rocks, but with time this concept has changed. In today’s hyper-connected world, lead generation is one of the best ways to meet your goals.

The following is a list of lead generation strategies that are being put to use by companies for an improved success of their marketing campaigns and ROI.

The following are the few tactics that you need to implement in your business if you want to see changes and bring out a better version of your lead generation strategy in 2019.

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5 Lead Generation Strategies That Will Work In 2019

  1. Build an incentive-based review system
  2. Broadcast advertising to your niche audience
  3. Take a new approach for direct mail
  4. Get More Conversions from Mobile
  5. Conduct a Webinar

The lead generation tactics you apply to your business will be different from that of your competitor. This is the beauty of lead generation strategies. The application process might be the same, but it is subjective and is open to interpretation.

Small businesses often mess their lead generation strategies. Why do you ask? Because the conception of what works best for them is vague. There are numerous lead generation strategies; however, what works best for someone else might not fetch the same results for you.

The point is that no common lead generation strategy works everywhere. For you to know which lead generation process is best for your business, you need to have a thorough understanding of your goals and objectives. Undertaking a lead generation campaign without a proper strategy could lead to the company facing negative ramifications.

1. Build an Incentive-Based Review System

The raging popularity of the internet has caused people to undermine the power of “word of mouth”. However, it is still in demand, and now, it is more important than ever.

The internet has exposed readers to an influx of information, which can vary from one another. They have no idea on which product/service is excellent and which isn’t. Not at least when depending on the reviews posted online.

Word of mouth from the users of your product/service comes into use here. This simple yet effective ensures that the prospects make a fair buying decision.

Focus on giving incentives to users who write reviews on your product/service. It can be in the form of referrals or discounts on the product/service. An incentive-based review system ensures that whatever comes is honest. If your customers stay happy, so will you.

And using this tactic will allow you to track the users who are the actual brand advocates. Simply put, it’s a smart way to do business.

2. Broadcast Advertising to Your Niche Audience

The raging popularity of the internet has caused people to undermine the power of “word of mouth”. However, it is still in demand, and now, it is more important than ever.

If the sub-title caught you off-guard, well, I think we should clear it off. There is no remote suggestion that you should buy an ad slot in your local FM and broadcast your product/service.

I have a more accessible and cheaper option.

And it is…Podcasts!

Yes. Podcasts are all the rage today. An average American listens to about five podcasts a week. You as a podcast content maker will know what kind of content interests your end users based on the number of listens and the number of downloads of each of your podcasts. Find out the podcasts titles that work best with the audiences, and include the same in your strategy.

With podcasts, you can create relevant content to your particular niche, satisfying the customers.

When people start flocking to the podcasts, direct them to sign up to your newsletter. This way, not only can you keep them updated about the future posts, but you can get them to talk about the various facets of your business as well. And you know what? All this generates quality leads which increases the sales of the company.

3. Take a New Approach for Direct Mail

The concept of direct mail may seem old and unusable in modern lead generation strategies, but for B2B marketers, direct mails have a broad significance.

Instead of sending mindless emails with information, you send versions that make sense. Rather than clogging the inbox of your audience with promotions, you can send out:

  • Flyers with more compelling content
  • Referral codes to drive interest

And all this to your target audience. If not to your prospects, then even the best of emails will lose their significance.

When you are only targeting a select few people with your direct mail marketing efforts, you can offer more discounts, better offers, coupons, and other auxiliary benefits along with your product/service.

Since direct mails allow you to personalize, you can establish a proper rapport with them. Forming an honest relationship can be useful in transforming those prospects from one time customers to lifetime acquaintances.

4. Get More Conversions from Mobile

Not having a mobile-friendly website leads your business to doom because most of your customers (yes, even the B2B ones) are on their mobile right now.

There are various tools which can be used to check the mobile responsiveness of your website. You can use this to see if your site ticks all the boxes for mobile responsiveness, including your website’s display on mobile phones.

When you don’t have a mobile compatible website, Google penalizes your site by tanking its rankings. The reasons cited are of the lines of poor UX and incompatibility with small screen devices.

For instance, you have a lead generation form, and it is not well displayed on a mobile screen. When your lead generation form doesn’t load properly, the user gets irked by it and clicks off the website, and you may lose many such leads because your site isn’t mobile compatible.

Now how do you optimize your website to make it more mobile responsive you ask?

There are several ways to do it. You can either have a separate website designed just for your mobile users or by adding a few features you can render your site mobile responsive. Formulate a right strategy that allows you to take a new approach to make conversions and to generate leads for the business.

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5. Conduct a Webinar

You can use a webinar to explain your business, product or service in details. It is a tool that can help establish you as a thought-leader in your niche.

A webinar is an online event where marketers get a chance to interact with their audiences live. So clearing out doubts and misconceptions about the product or service becomes easier. Also, there is no need for a studio room set up for a webinar. A laptop and a microphone are enough to create an excellent webinar, all from the comfort of your office couch.

A webinar can also be used to qualify the leads. How? When people sign up for webinars, they generally provide their emails, to which you can send the link for the next webinar.

The duration of the webinar can be kept short, and it can be conducted once every week or a month.

Webinars double up as a perfect lead generation tool. Also as the provider of informative content, it can be used to target the end users who you failed to convert into paying customers. Webinars are up and coming; hence, you can only witness the soaring popularity.


Leads are essential for business. The more leads your company has, the more beneficial it is. Lead generation is a recurring process which undergoes some tinkering and molding from time to time.

So, whether you want to conduct a weekly webinar or send direct mails, update yourself today with the latest lead generation strategies for 2019, and witness unprecedented growth in your business.

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