Need to Speed Up your Customer Acquisition Cycle? Here are some good tips

Are you aware of the customer acquisition cycle? Do you know at what stage your potential customers are at now? Many people visit your online site wherein some will stay and consume the information, subscribe and be an active customer also gradually. But, everyone won’t convert into loyal clients, and it will take quite a lot of time to complete the process too. So, it’s important to know the tactics to speed up your customer acquisition cycle to gain more leads and to generate more loyal clients.

Well, I am going to write down some useful strategies that you can apply to speed up the process.

Check the Customer Acquisition Analytics

To start any kind of marketing, it is important to have the analytics of the current customer acquisition. A good database can give you all the information about

  • Age group
  • Geographical area
  • Email address
  • Contact details

This customer acquisition analytics data can be extracted from your website analytics, email and social media interactions and so on. Based on the engagement of customers you can get the answers to several questions including

  • How popular is your brand?
  • What is the time taken by the prospects to change into Leads and then to customers?
  • How much open rates are there for your emails?
  • Where are you placed in competitively?
  • Is your brand considered after checking the website?
  • How many customers are visiting your website?
  • Where are you losing the customers?

If you find out the problem then only can you search for the solution. The statistics can show where you are lagging and how you can solve this problem. You can get all the data about the visitors and how much your contents and other elements are influencing them. The answer to these questions can give you enough information to form an ideal strategy. You can consider the details about the customers also to choose the new customer acquisition strategy according to the customer acquisition cos

Try Geo-targeted Marketing

Have you thought of targeting the audience according to their geographical areas? Well, Geo-targeted marketing will give you the chance to reach out to your potential or existing customers according to the geographical regions.

When you get the customer data based on location, you can use it to create marketing strategies on that specific geo-location including

  • Social media marketing
  • Targeted Email marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Banners and Billboards
  • Event marketing and much more.

By concentrating on the potential audience of a particular geographical area, one can narrow down the marketing and you can

  • Invest in the right audience
  • Customize contents according to the local language
  • Improve the user experience

Fix your Website

Have you ever thought about optimizing the website to gain more customers? Well, your online site also plays a crucial role in winning or losing customers. The issues that can prevail within a website includes-

  • Bug infection
  • Broken page
  • Slow browsing speed
  • Outdated website design
  • Poor mobile experience
  • Lack of share buttons

These problems can interrupt the visitor and can lead to making them avoid revisiting the website. You can improve the experience by fixing the bugs and broken pages. Add more sharing buttons and make your website design more attractive and mobile friendly. Building a web presence with the outlays and content that resonate with the target audience will help you speed up your customer acquisition cycle.

Online Marketing

As we all know, online marketing is one of the essential marketing strategies when it comes to customer acquisition, and it includes the above points as well. It has lots of options including

  • PPC
  • Email marketing
  • Video marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Influencer marketing
  • Social media marketing

Online marketing can mark your presence in the digital marketing platform effectively and the strategies are suitable to speed up the process of customer acquisition.

Offline Marketing

While discussing about increasing the speed of customer acquisition process, we can’t forget about offline marketing. Offline marketing is often known as the traditional marketing which involves marketing strategies including

  • Sponsoring events
  • Conducting events
  • Banners/Billboards
  • Word of mouth publicity etc.

Offline marketing can also substantiate your customer acquisition process immensely. You can conduct several events and execute sponsorship programs. Putting billboards and banners on the roadsides can also attract the buyers’ attention very fast.

There are lots of customer acquisition models which will help you to gain and sustain the customers. Gaining customers can be easy but making them stay with you will be difficult. Focus on sustaining the existing customers as well as gaining new customers with providing them what they want. Keep your website updated and target on the potential customers rather than focusing a large group of visitors.

We’ll help you simplify marketing.


Author: Tim Liden

At the age of 16, Tim's father advised him that he could be anything he wanted to be in his life only if he is willing to work hard for it; this changed his perception completely. With a natural flair for writing, Tim has cemented his place in the marketing industry with his deep insight into the subject matter. On weekends, he can be heard playing the flute or cooking his favorite meals.

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