6 effective B2B Lead Generation Strategies for 2019

Are you updated with the new B2B lead generation strategies? Well, Lead generation tactics are always essential for the growth of the business. But as we say, one-size won’t fit for all similarly every strategy won’t fit for B2B marketing. It is essential to plan the ideal and effective marketing strategies within the budget for a long run.

That’s why we are presenting you ‘6 long run B2B lead generation strategies for 2019. So, let’s check out the strategies.

1. Why not start with SEO and Webpage Optimization?

Like we all know, it is important to be in the top list of Google when it comes to keeping your presence on the internet. Is it only about SEO? The answer will be no. Optimizing the webpage is vital for B2B lead generation. Creative, high-quality content and optimizing it with most searched keywords will give you a good ranking on Google. And what next?

The people who liked your content will naturally go through your website. So, are you sure that your website is 100% perfect? Well, the chances are high to have mistakes on your website including

  • Broken pages
  • Lack of interaction
  • Slow site speed
  • Not smartphone friendly

Don’t avoid these problems as web page speed and inconvenience caused to users while browsing your website decreases the click-through rate of your webpage. So, make them more user-friendly. Use the SEO tool like SEMrush along with Google Analytics to check your competitor’s keywords and content and come up with something new.

Track the visitors on your website and also try to be more interactive by using chatbots. This will give the customers the opportunity to learn much more about you. So, don’t wait. Fix these problems and gain more traffic and engagement and execute an excellent B2B lead generation strategy.

2. Let’s discuss the content for B2B lead generation

The prospects visit your website. So, what is next? Of course, it is the content. A well-crafted informative content will catch the eye of any potential customer- Make your content more interactive and readable by providing relevant information.

You can execute an effective B2B Lead Generation activity through:

  • Blogs
  • Guest Blog
  • E-books
  • Videos
  • Infographics and much more.

You can write informative blogs, infographics, e-books to attract the targeted audience. A guest blog can be written in other websites to gain more followers. Even positive feedback from your valuable customer can be added on your site that’ll help you to gain trust and operate lucrative B2B lead generation. You can add a simple yet impactful video on your website which can appeal to those prospects who prefer a visual presentation.

3. Emails: Vital for B2B lead generation

We all realize that when it comes marketing strategies for B2B lead generation, we can’t exclude the importance of email marketing. It is easy to reach more prospects and gradually gain more customers through proper engagement with an authentic database of the email list. A marketer can send personalized

  • Cold Emails
  • Email pitch for blogs/videos
  • Promotional Emails
  • FAQ messages

Sort your target audience and build your email list according to the data analysis of your prospects. Emails are and will be one of the best ways for B2B lead generation in 2019 and many more years to come.

4. What about geo-targeted marketing for B2B lead generation?

Why do the B2B marketers need to target a more extensive area when they are not sure about gaining leads? Well, in these cases geo-tagging can work wonders to set your strategies in a particular geographical area.

Geo-tagging is the simple method of determining the location of the contest website visitors/users based on their location and targeting them as the potential customers. This will help you to influence the customers according to their

  • Language
  • Preferences
  • Currency and much more.

Geo-tagging can be done to aim the target audience with a useful Geo-targeted database to send in emails to your prospects located in specific geo-location or by running location specifics ads over social media sites. A study shows that 74 percent of B2B marketers see an excellent scope in Geo-targeted marketing when it comes to B2B lead generation.

[You can go through this infographic to know the benefits of geo-targeted marketing]

5. Don’t forget social media

How can we forget about social media? Social media is most popular than any other platforms to grab the attention of the users be it in the B2B or the B2C market. You can run several campaigns and advertisements as a part of your B2B lead generation strategy on a social media platform including

  • Facebook campaigns
  • Connect with LinkedIn
  • Instagram promotions
  • Twitter
  • YouTube videos and many more

Social media can connect people worldwide, and it will cause a lot more attention than any other platforms. You can run a promotion campaign on Facebook and can also create a company page to gain more followers which can give you a chance for better B2B lead generation. Connecting with new people and posting fresh contents like blogs, articles and much more will mark your identity on LinkedIn, Twitter and so on. Use every social media platform effectively for better business.

6. Paid advertising for B2B lead generation

When it comes to an end, every lead generation strategies are a part of an advertisement. So, why can’t we do a direct paid advertising?

Paid advertising is conventional in the marketing industry, and it’s an effective B2B lead generation method. There are plenty of paid advertising options including

  • Social media influencer
  • Facebook ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Google Ad Words
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Remarketing

Increase the number of your qualified leads with a well-planned paid advertising which targets your potential customers. Facebook ads and LinkedIn ads can attract the millennials who are into business. Moreover, Google ad words and affiliate marketing can also provide an effective B2B lead generation without any doubt.

The possibilities won’t end here. There are much more strategies which will run in the long term. But always remember, generating leads with effective marketing for closing better sales won’t happen within a day or two. You should have a clear idea and a well-planned B2B lead generation strategy to build a solid customer base.

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Author: Tim Liden

At the age of 16, Tim's father advised him that he could be anything he wanted to be in his life only if he is willing to work hard for it; this changed his perception completely. With a natural flair for writing, Tim has cemented his place in the marketing industry with his deep insight into the subject matter. On weekends, he can be heard playing the flute or cooking his favorite meals.

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