Geo-Targeted Marketing: Enhance brand equity and drive conversions

Geo-Targeted Marketing: Enhance brand equity and drive conversions

Marketing can be done through multiple channels using varied ways but it is up to you to decide which medium is more efficient, and effective for your brand. Reason? Brand building is crucial, which means you need to keep evolving it for better prospecting, and productivity. You are not alone in this, there are processes which will help you realize this goal. Geo-Targeted Marketing is one of the marketing strategies that can facilitate brand equity and drive conversions like never before!

Geo-Targeted Marketing is a form of marketing wherein marketers target or approach prospects and customers based on the cultural preferences and choices of the population or businesses within a specific geographical location. Whenever the word ‘targeted’ is mentioned you can think that something is sorted out for you. Just like how you spot your favorite color amongst myriads of colors, you can experience something like that in a targeted marketing as well. Not only this, you may also stumble upon other shades you never knew existed. Getting to know the unknown…

Embrace the plus points that this kind of marketing can have upon your brand identity and usher in worthwhile conversions for your business:

Specific pitches for specific location

The earth is our home and there is no doubt that it is immensely diverse in many ways. Geo-Targeted Marketing is an approach that facilitates a connection with your prospective audience in a specific geographic location. It simply means that even if you are in California you can get through to companies maybe in Iceland. You can then put in those components that run well with the niche audiences in your marketing strategies and when they sense that you are there for them, you can probably make them hit the like button for your brand! What happens after this is not a vague anticipation either; brand and sales will both be positively affected.

Time and investment justified

Imagine, you are looking out for just handcrafted objects but you are in a place where everything is jumbled up. The scenario does not seem pleasing to your eyes neither your brains. Similar situation can glide in while marketing too. So, the genie to your problems will be a targeted marketing approach which will enable you to pitch to specific target audience only. And with Geo-Targeted Marketing you can save both your time and investment by inclining you to get those location based databases you prefer, for e.g. USA Business Mailing List. You neither have to shuffle through extra information and nor waste your money on superfluous data. Hence, level up your brand value efficiently and watch conversions take place.

Quality oriented marketing

Multi-tasking is something that each individual wants to do but there will be a drop in the quality if you exhaust your energy by running around every nook and corner. Human enthusiasm does not have any limits most of the times…! Concentrating your efforts to a particular task at a particular time will be a lot more productive than hoping around frantically. Likewise, through Geo-Targeted Marketing you can put in your analytics and ideas to work your way through one geographical area at a time. When all your attention is one zone the task of your marketers will be a lot lighter, however, they should take advantage of this breather and substantiate their approach to engage the appropriate prospects and hopefully generate credible conversions.


With Geo-Targeted Marketing go the MMMM (Micro-Macro-Micro-Magnanimous) way. Words tend to bubble up when you are thinking of something and I felt like this may be the way. You might be pondering what I am up to? It’s something like this- in this vast world economy your business is a micro entity which is actually a macro entity for you as the owner/founder or employee (basically your own world), and through this marketing strategy you are aiming to get hold of individual’s micro life/attention, and further, in case you catch hold of their flickering mind with worthwhile pitches through authentic geo targeted databases you can give a magnanimous form to your brand equity and conversions. The total outcome of the marketing strategies is not something you can clearly look into, however, taking substantial decisions regarding what kind of marketing you would want to carry forward and what databases would go into it.

Geo Targeted Marketing is basically placing your brand globally by connecting regionally. I guess that when a business succeeds in putting their feet in their prospect’s or customer’s shoes, wonders happen, lasting bonds are formed and eventually, the brand marks its ascent into the world economy. And, this form of marketing holds a great potential to influence the decisions of your target audiences in genuine ways.


Author: Tim Liden

At the age of 16, Tim's father advised him that he could be anything he wanted to be in his life only if he is willing to work hard for it; this changed his perception completely. With a natural flair for writing, Tim has cemented his place in the marketing industry with his deep insight into the subject matter. On weekends, he can be heard playing the flute or cooking his favorite meals.

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