Geo Targeted Marketing Strategies for Better Engagement

To catch hold of the customers or the prospects in a B2B or a B2C market is a challenge for both the marketers and sellers. However, the universe conspires for certain events not just for the everyday life of an individual but the business world as well. Let us understand how? Look at the way marketing is emerging, think about the technologies that’s being invented to channelize the efforts of the marketers to the appropriate audiences- this is the effect of the push and pull of the issues faced by the B2B marketers, their efforts to attain the best results, the wish to simplify their work and the eagle-eyed watchers, the innovators or the businesses who want to provide solutions and so on. Geo Targeted Marketing is one of the many ways of marketing methods that has been a huge relief since its inception and is drastically evolving to bring about efficiency in the life of a marketer.

Geo Targeted Marketing is not a complex concept, it is simply marketing to your prospects and the existing consumers in accordance to their specific geographical locations. You can’t simply pick a location and jet set your emotions out- it requires you and your marketing team to sit and understand about the tastes and preferences of the target audience who share a totally different culture, language, even sense of humor. The last criteria I mentioned here may seem out of zone for a B2B market but if you have it keep it; it works!

Hoping that I haven’t swayed from the topic we were discussing about, I just wanted to lay down a few points to portray how Geo Targeted Marketing strategies can be used for creating better engagement with the prospects, or consumers in question-

1. Buyer Persona

Geo Targeted Marketing in a B2B market depends largely on the database of the businesses who are to be approached. It is this way because the customers comprise of business entities themselves who are well aware of what they want and can’t be swayed by sweet nothings. They want to listen to someone who have a solution to their issues and if not this, at least something that could play a catalyst in improving, or growing their business. Hence, when you have those geo targeted databases you will be able to anticipate a buyer persona based on your understanding of where they are based, what industry they belong to and so on.

2. Resonance

Whenever we come across something that resonates with our personal perceptions and tastes we do gravitate towards that, even if it is for a while. Geo Targeted Marketing concocts a similar situation because when you reach your target audience based on location you are bound to pitch them in a way that connects with what they’ve been seeing and experiencing in a land they basically call ‘home’. This way indeed has an emotional touch but it is logical as well. You can most probably win over your target audience through strategies based on relevance. Research has proved that when any prospect sees the name of his home country on any of the ads or pitches they do give it more than just a glance. However, they may be attracted towards your brand but convincing them to commit to you depends upon how substantially you’ve researched on their persona and the level of genuineness in your content and the actual utility of your products and services for their business.

3. Retargeting

Human kind has survived because of the innumerous chances, some intended ones and, some, just mere surprises along the way. Likewise, you are bestowed with chances in marketing as well. Thank the stars afterwards, thank the various social media channels first which have started giving you the chance to retarget your prospects. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn have various processes wherein you can substantially carry on with your Geo Targeted Marketing. They give you the option to upload your existing databases, based on location, of the entities you’ve already marketed or sold to before through various online tools, like for e.g. Power Editor which is an online digital tool by Facebook through which you can upload your data and get them compared with the databases they already have with them. And, after they have matched the databases, it will give the option to channelize your pitching in the form of multi-faceted ads to only those group of audiences that match with the database you uploaded. You might be wondering how many times? For as many times as you think would be logical to re-approach them without behaving like you are nagging them to buy in to you.

4. Geo location keywords

Your target audiences are obviously the businesses who are seeking for some solution in one way or the other. And just as you’ve figured out the vitality in executing a Geo Targeted Marketing even they have figured out a way to seep in information in a way as appropriate as possible- using their geo location keywords on the online search engines while seeking for anything available within their reach is a tactful way they will adopt. So, make sure to tag along the geo location on the marketing or any general content you put over the internet and engage them with your brand.
Internet has become an integral part of the businesses and personal individuals, equally. When you have the option to find, and engage with so many options through one single medium, why wouldn’t anyone ignore it? Yes, there is a necessity to cut off from all of this and look at the stars for a while but when you have ventured into business, just keep your mind like the sky, be a bit whimsical but be practical because you have a team and a colossal goal to achieve.

Reflecting back rays of relevance while marketing to your prospects, and the existing customers to generate more intensity in their engagement to your brand will be no more a reverie if you adapt the Geo Targeted Marketing method to approach or re-approach them. No matter how magnanimous a business is, it does not make sense to market at any random vista with feeble processes of marketing. It is indubitable that marketing can be done in multiple ways but this channel is worth your time and investment in lot of ways.

Author: Tim Liden

At the age of 16, Tim's father advised him that he could be anything he wanted to be in his life only if he is willing to work hard for it; this changed his perception completely. With a natural flair for writing, Tim has cemented his place in the marketing industry with his deep insight into the subject matter. On weekends, he can be heard playing the flute or cooking his favorite meals.

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